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Food and Agricultural Product

For decades, agriculture has been associated with production of essential food crops. Today, processing, marketing and distribution of crops and livestock products etc. are all acknowledged as part of current agriculture. Thus, agriculture could be referred to as the production, processing, trading and distribution agricultural products. Agriculture plays a critical role in the entire life of a given economy.

Agriculture exports and imports plays a vital role in increase in agriculture productivity. The expansion of agricultural trade has helped provide greater quantity, wider variety and better quality food to increasing numbers of people at lower prices. Agricultural trade is also a generator of income and welfare for the millions of people who are directly or indirectly involved in it. At the national level, for many countries it is a major source of the foreign exchange that is necessary to finance imports and development; while for many others domestic food security is closely related to the country's capacity to finance food imports.

The import of the agricultural product depend on the inflation rate so if the inflation rate may differ between two countries so the country having low inflation rate so the demand for the products will be increase with in the country and imports of product may leads to increase in the agriculture productivity.

Here are basically four main reasons for which a country may decide to import agricultural and food product:

1.It simply does not exist in the country. An agriculture product that can't be produced there.
2.It does not exist at a specific level of quality; thus, a country imports better products than domestic production
3.It represent a product variety that is appreciated domestically but not produced exactly in this horizontal or mixed differentiation
4.It is cheaper abroad, since producers there are more efficient, are faced by lower costs, better exploit economies of scale and/or accept lower profits;

Generally, Imports are key components of the process of globalization and homogenization of consumption and production.

Considering above mentioned reasons, Darvishi Holding with the strong management team which has an extensive experience in strategic relationships with commodity producers and bulk handler trades following commodities for animal and human consumption.

Grains and Oilseeds

We operate on an integrated global basis to supply, transport and distribute grain and oilseeds. The main bulk products which we trade are various types of human consumption wheat such as soft and hard milling wheat, durum wheat, flour, and feed corn, sesame, millet, feed barley and soybean as well as meals. Darvishi Holding capacity to import grains and oilseed is 6 x 66000 tons per year.

Research & Development
Due to our geographical spread in agricultural and food markets across the world, we have been able to maximize value from managing commercial, financial and logistics arbitrages.
Our key marketing activities are focused on Iran. Our Iran-based origination and trading headquarters in Iran facilitate all our physical and futures trading activities, while our research team collects, collates and analyzes information from both internal and secondary sources.
Our research is fundamentally-based and focused on helping us better understanding global trade flows, and supply and demand imbalances. Integrating good quality research like this across our operations enables us to better manage our processing and trading exposure.

Besides dealing with grains and oilseed we look forward to work in trading other favorable commodities to import, market and distribute in Iran. At this stage, we have done detailed researches about Iran local market, analyze its demand on following commodities:

With our long-term experiences, comprehensive global market knowledge, trading expertise and a well-experienced team, we have done a full research on sourcing, supplying, commercializing and trading raw and white sugar from countries in South America such as Brazil and Argentina for our customers in Iran.

We have done a comprehensive research on how to acquire the required licenses to import and transport different types of oils to Iran, mainly refined and crude vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil and corn oil.

The main dairy products which our holding has already studied and researched on are powered milk, butter and cheese from main diary producing regions such as Australia, Uruguay, Chile, EU, Canada and New Zealand.

Our holding sources grains mostly from the countries in the Black Sea province such as Ukraine, Russia and Romania. We source from Kazakhstan, Germany, Brazil and Paraguay as well.

In order to have direct access to main suppliers, Darvishi Holding takes advantage of the company registered in Hamburg which one can find specialists with profound knowledge of each particular region, conductive extensive market research and with product expertise that provide customers with high quality products ,best services and competitive prices in the most efficient and professional way.

Company Name: D.G. Trade GmbH

Address: Alte Volksparkstrabe 24, 22525 Hamburg
Registration No: 142451
Tel: +494052019120
Fax: +494052019121
Email: info@dg-trade.de

Name of Company: Saba Bonyan Qeshm

Registration No.4916
TEL: +985138554010-2
FAX: +985138554013
Email: info@sababonyan.com

Marketing & Distribution

Darvishi Holding marketing and distribution business is headquarted in Iran through its subsidiary company ,Saba Bonyan Qeshm. At first stage, Darvishi Holding focused on Marketing and distribution of agro products and food to local market. This focus has helped us to build deep insight into Iran's agricultural market and to consolidate its competitive position. This has also helped us to build market leading position in these business.


Different geographical location of our companies helps us to cover all main regions of our trading interests, reach our customers and producers and better fulfill their demands in the most efficient and professional way.
Working in the same working hours with our supplier and customers, avoiding time difference, helps Darvishi Holding to provide fast service and solve current questions quickly and efficiently.
Darvishi Holding sales, customer support and Logistics departments understand local markets conditions and can provide import advice to help our customers make the most of business opportunities.