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Mines and Minerals

Mines and its associated industries have an indispensable role in sustainable development and it works as a catalyst that sup - ports economic growth and social progress. Mines and miner - als is a driving force of every country, therefore the development of this sector can lead to the advancement of other industries and sectors; in other words, the more active the mines, the more rapid the industrial development.

The patterns as to achieve sustainable development in mines is a crucial part of the fundamental and developmental patterns, so that it can be mentioned to as a referent pattern.

Not only have an important part in increasing GDP, Mines also play a vital role in creating job opportunities.

In recent decades, the industrial countries that benefit from rich mineral resources, have made huge investments in this sector.

The production values of mineral products at the global level has increased considerably over the last decade; according to statistics and figures, from 2006 on, the growth of production values of mineral products has overtaken the growth of GNP; this itself demonstrates the relative importance of this sector in GWP (Gross World Product).

Perhaps one of the most important reasons as to growing mineral activities in recent years is the increasing demand of emerging economies such as China & India.

In economic crises, the mining sector always bears the least susceptibility, hence it helps a lot the global economy in such situations.

However, mining sector has a very long history in our country. Those who had settled in Iran plateau was of the first folks who discovered minerals. The discovered antiquities, traced back to 6000 BC, validate this fact that the Iranians managed to extract copper through revitalizing Malachite. Also, the historical evidences prove that in about 4000 BC, gunmetal alloys had been known in Iran.