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Introduction to electrical energy generation

nergy is vital for all living-beings on the earth. Modern life style has further increased its importance, since a faster life means faster transport, faster communication and faster manufacturing processes. All these lead to an increase in energy required for all those modern systems.

Arising out of comparison of status of nations, the progress is related in terms of per capita consumption of electrical energy (i.e. kWH consumed per person per year). At present this pa - rameter for Iran is about 2700, for United Kingdom and United States is even more than 10 times.Iran has been recognized as the sixteenth largest electricity producer in the world.

Following are the main reasons for its popularity
1. Cleaner environments for the user
2. Higher efficiency
3. Better controllability
4. Easier bulk-power, long distance transportation of power using overhead transmission or underground cables
5. Most versatile devices of energy conversions from electrical to other forms are available for different purposes, such as thermal, illumination, mechanical, sound, chemical, etc

Comparison of sources of power

While selecting a method of generating electricity, following factors should be taken into consideration

1. Initial cost
To produce a given rating of a unit (in the minds of planners), investment must be known. Naturally lower the initial cost, better it is

2. Running cost
To produce a given amount of electrical energy, the cost of conversion process (including proportional cost of maintenance/repairs of the system) has to be known.

3. Limitations
Whether a particular resource is available, whether a unit size of required rating is available from a single unit or from a large number of units

4. Perpetuity, efficiency ,reliability, cleanness and simplicity
It is naturally desirable that the source must have perpetuity (=be of endless duration), high conversion efficiency and reliability (in terms of availability in appropriate quantity. The energy conversion must be through a cleaner process (especially from the view point of toxicity, pollution or any other hazardous side effects). Further, a simpler overall system is always preferred with regards to maintenance/repairs problems and is supposed to be more reliable.

Sources for generation of electricity Electrical energy is produced from many different energy sources. Some of these energy sources are renewable and others are non-renewable. Non-renewable come out of the ground as liquids, gases and solids. These resources are crude oil (petroleum), natural gas, propane and coal. Another non-renewable source is nuclear fission power. These sources cannot be replenished in a short period of time. Renewable resources are not subject to depletion in a human timescale. These sources include the sun's ray, waves, rivers, tides, wind, biomass and the heat from radioactive decay in the Earth's core.

Considering above factors, Darrvishi holding has selected two types of sources for generation of electricity. The first one as a renewable source of energy and the second one as a non-renewable source.

Solar power

One of the most promising paths towards the sustainable development is utilizing solar energy, especially in oil-dependent economy nations like Iran. Electricity production in Iran is mainly dominated by its fossil fuel resources.
The average radiation for the whole of Iran is about 2000 mega joules per square meter, it will reach to a higher amount in some regions of Iran such as Shiraz, Khorasan, Yazd and Semnan. High solar insolation and available desert lands in Iran are two main factors to encourage the full development of solar power plants for thermal and electrical energy productions.
By considering Iran's geographical position, darvishi holding used this opportunity to have a share in green energy production. It has obtained required governmental license in order to establish Photovoltaic solar power plant, with a capacity of 20Mega watts in Tayebad, Khorasan Razavi Province, and a great district that has higher solar radiation.
To accomplish this mission, darvishi holding has taken advantage of its domestic company with following details
Jahan Sayeh Gostar Helia
Address: No.22, Naser Khosro 19 ,Naserkhosro Blvd, Ahmad Abad St., Mashhad,Iran
Tel: 0098 513 855 4044

Gas power

Iran is a country that has more than one fifth of the world's natural gas reserves and more than 9% of its crude oil reserve. So not surprisingly gas power plants have a great share in electricity generation in Iran. This reason became to a great motivation for Darvishi holding to seek this opportunity to be active in this part as well. It has obtained required license to start the construction of two big gas power plant in Iran. The first gas power plant with capacity of 8 Mega Watts located in Khorasan Razavi Province, North East of Iran and the second one with a capacity of 30 Mega Watts in Rasht Province, North of Iran.
To accomplish this mission, Darvishi Holding used its domestic company specifically established to work in this field.
Electro Bonyan Shayegan Company
Address: No.22, Naser Khosro 19 ,Naserkhosro Blvd, Ahmad Abad St., Mashhad,Iran