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Medical & Health

Safety and health are two significant and substantial blessings that God-Almighty has donated to man. So public health as a strategic object has a crucial role in public security. As a de - veloping community considers security issues as fundamental and influential one and prepares a plan to make it true in micro and macro levels, health also clearly has got the same and even more effective role. It is essential to make an accurate, long and strict plan based on scientific principles and the latest technology.

Emphasis of Islamic Republic of Iran governors and specifically Mr. President and more importantly the Supreme Leader who shows specific attention to Health care System shows the im - portance and the high place of this issue in economic growth, prosperity and its impact on physical and psychological security of society. At one glance, let’s say it has an undeniable role in national security.

The promotion of health care system has had a serious impact on welfare and development of country and plays an important role in increasing productivity and gross national product direct - ly and indirectly.

1. Utilizing resources of Health care System
2. Evolution of Insurance System in country
3. Developing of Health Information Systems
4. Localizing Health Evaluation Systems
5. Reform and development of Uniform Wages Systems
6. Rehabilitation of Economy Domination System in projects and health programs