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A fundamental factor for any country to progress is activities of private sector in the realm of economy and business.

Private sector, having strong motivations with a national and pervasive determination starts a sound and clear business with partial rivalry, privileges and by the help of their efficient human resources not only promotes the country position internation - ally, but they also contribute to the expansion of commercial and economic system. Private companies play a crucial role in entrepreneurship expansion via business expansion. They un - burden employment.

Dynamic private corporations play an effective and fundamental role in realization of all the following ten purposes:
aving a way to entrepreneurship
• Promoting private sector
• Expanding economic system of the country
• Developing business and removing current barriers.
• Promoting the country position in economy
• Stimulating growth in economic reflections of the society and having people attend economy.
• Participating in decision making processes and making decision in economic macro levels.
• Presenting consultation in various national and international economic parts to government.
• Creating, organizing and guiding economic and trading associations in the country.
• Promoting Gross national product by the help of economic stability in the country.

Another important factor in economic development evaluation is attendance of foreign investors and the amount of direct investment in the country. Iran presents abundant and salient attractions to foreign investors which proved by most large corporations and it has been publicized internationally.

Today, there are a lot of foreign investors who would like to form a partnership with Iranian private sector.