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Darvishi Holding

Trading oil & petrochemical products

The scope of our core business mainly covers the purchase and sale of oil, gas and petrochemical products. Darvishi Holding emphasizes more rigidly on following areas of activities:

• Supplying oil & petrochemical products required by the customers all around the world
• Purchase of oil & petrochemical products required by the All markets and private sectors
• Purchase and swap of oil products
• Transit arrangements for Oil products

Completed Projects

Fuel oil
Our extensive expertise and our flexible financial conditions enable us to provide a variety of transactional structures providing valuable solutions to our clients. We have imported 5000 Metric tons of Fuel oil from Iraq to Iran, then traded to UAE. In the process, our experts, operators, risk management and finance teams provide creative solutions to overcome the pricing, logistical, and financial barriers that may stand in the way of such transaction.
Darvishi Holding commitment to provide solutions that benefit all parties to a transaction creates the long-lasting relationships that enable us to maximize opportunities to find a good source to supply oil products from main supplier in Iran. Darvishi Holding have purchased 4x 33000 Mt Naphtha and exported them to UAE.
Darvishi Holding

Darvishi holding head quarter in this regard is located in Iran with supporting offices and facilities throughout the region.

Supplying oil &gas equipment

In addition to trading oil, gas and petrochemical products which is our main business, Darvishi Holding started to work in supplying a wide range of electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment to national oil and gas companies and Petrochemical Refineries in Iran. Subsidiary company that has been established and supported by well-known experienced managers and more than fifty expert employees in engineering and commercial business for more than seven years is as follows

Company Name: Petro Kimya-Qeshm
Registration No: 4917
Address: Unit No 62, Pasargad Commercial complex, Qeshm Island, Iran
Email: Business @darvishi.com, PKQ1@darvishi.com

Petro Kimya-Qeshm with the help of Darvishi Holding is now officially a vendor of more than fifty oil, gas and Petro chemical Refineries all over the country including:
• Maroon Petrochemical Complex
• Jam Petrochemical Company
• Razi Petrochemical Company
• Fajr Petrochemical Company
• Tabriz Petrochemical Company
• Khangiran Petrochemical Company
• Ilam Gas Treating Company
• Tabriz Oil Refining Company
• Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company

Research & Development Darvishi Holding Research team has studies various aspects of following projects:
• Drag Reducing Agent in turbulent flows through pipelines
• Establishment of light oil refinery with total capacity of 90000 barrels in Dehloran –160 million euro investment
• The project “Siraf Methanol” with capacity of 1650000 tons methanol
• The project “Sabalan Methanol” with capacity of 1650000 tones methanol
• The project “GTPP Sabzevar” with capacity of 650000 tones per year
• The project “Dena Methanol” with capacity of 1650000 tones methanol
• Poly Star Production complex, formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde and UCF in Mahshahr special economic zone
• The project of producing methanol with capacity of 650000 tones in Mokran
• Production of ammoniac in Asaluyeh (phase 2)
• Production of acrylonitrile in in Mahshahr special economic zone
• Establishment of natural gas liquidation with annual capacity of 1200000 in Qeshm
• Participating in national & international bid in the drilling sector
• Negotiating with domestic and foreign companies for oil SWAP with northern neighbors of Iran
• Initiating joint-venture company with oman partner in oil and oil products
• Making technical and economic plan for Tank Farm in Oman
• Investment and providing finance to supply the necessary equipment for various plans in oil, gas & petrochemical
• Purchasing/renting some carrier vessels for transferring oil products and LPG
• Formulating technical & economic plan pertaining to producing various industrial oils by means of Iran base-oil due to competitive advantage of Iran base-oil
• Purchasing oil products from Iraq & Turkmenistan to be offered to foreign markets